How I Make Face Masks

Here's a quick look at how I have been sewing face masks for my friends and family throughout the pandemic. I eyeballed my own template and cut it out on a piece of printer paper. 1.) Cut out four pieces of fabric. I iron on one to two pieces of fusible interfacing as well, depending … Continue reading How I Make Face Masks

Let’s Talk Real Relationship Goals

Part 1 of the Relationship Series! Engagement Photo taken by my Momma All the time we hear the phrase "relationship goals" tossed around like a hot potato, and it's usually in reference to a fleeting moment of something really cute, but will probably be forgotten about 15 minutes later. You know those quick Instagram videos … Continue reading Let’s Talk Real Relationship Goals

Easy 5 Ingredient Summer Salad

First thing's first, here's what you need: 1 English cucumberGrape (or cherry) tomatoes1 Bell pepper (orange or yellow)1 Red onionFeta cheeseYou'll also need oregano, oil, and vinegar. Weekly Recipe What's For Lunch Wednesdays More Recipes Welcome, beautiful people!I promise not to break into an unnecessarily long soliloquy about things unrelated to this recipe, but if … Continue reading Easy 5 Ingredient Summer Salad

Why the name Sunflower Soul 17?

The short answer? Sunflowers are the best! In all seriousness, there are a few different reasons why I went with this name for the blog. Sunflowers are my all-time favorite flower!My best friend tells me (quite frequently) that if I was a flower I would be a sunflower. She says it's because I'm bright, maybe...? … Continue reading Why the name Sunflower Soul 17?

6 Things I Learned from My Partner in Crime

"You have to wake up every day and intentionally make the decision to love the person they [your partner] are going to be that day."Dylan H. 1.) You Wake Up Every Day with the Potential to be a Different Person Dylan and I have been together for over six years, and this is something he … Continue reading 6 Things I Learned from My Partner in Crime